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Accused Of Armed Militancy, Again!

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Sentence Against SRI, PCE(r) & GRAPO in France:

Anything is valid to criminalise communism & antifascism within the Spanish State

The French Tribunal has made public the verdicts against the 9 militants of the SRI, PCE(r) & GRAPO tried during November and December 2005 in Paris.

-Belen López: 18 months sentence;
-Marcos Regueira: 4 Years;
-Fernando Hierro Chomon: 7 Years;
-Xaquin Garrido: 5 Years;
-Josefina García Aranburu: 5 Years;
-Marcos Martín Ponce: 6 Years;
-María Angeles Ruiz Villa: 6 Years;
-Gema Rodriguez Miguel: 5 Years;
-Antonio Lago Iglesias: 2 Years.

The sentences, except for Antonio Lago and Belén López, go along with the definitive restriction of the French territory.

On the sentences, the tribunal has underlined the thesis about All are GRAPO elaborated by the Civil Guard and their cohort Garzón, as he has comdemned to sentences of 7 - 6 years self declared militants of the armed revolutionary organisation GRAPO, at the same time and without regret as he condemns to sentences of 5 - 4 years militants of the political communist organisation PCE(r) and sentences of 2 years to internationalist militants of the SRI.

At the reading of the sentences were not present neither Josefina García Aranburu (she has fractured bones, from ill-treatment during the trail in December 2005) nor Marcos Martín Ponce.

All the material taken away (computers, printers, books, money, etc.) won't be returned. Much of that material and money was personal and used in solidarity and international relations with prisoners and relatives, nothing to do with the development of the revolutionary armed struggle.

Meanwhile, today at the National Audience in Madrid the show trial against another 13 militants of the AFAPP, SRI, PCE(r) and GRAPO has continued. Of course, it is not a casualty that Paris has applied such hard sentences around the communist and solidarity movement, Its so the Spanish State can also use the tail of everything is armed struggle in their court rooms.

For all these reason, and now more than ever, we demand an amnesty for these fighters of the popular cause.


SRI (International Red Aid)
January 12th 2006

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